WELCOME TO MOLLUSCAWESOME!Mohammed AkinloluRosalyn DeMesaMamunur RayhanGROUP DBODZIN SB1XG-04
Inspired by the vast phylum, Mollusca, we present you with an exposé on just a few of some of the unique creatures in this group of organisms. From squids to mussels, you will be astonished by the strange thing you learn.
Get acquainted with the phylum here: Phylum Mollusca
Learn about some odd species:1. Cabestana spengleri 2.Cerastoderma edule 3.Chiton glaucus
4.Euprymna scolopes 5.Haliotis rubra 6.Hapalochlaena lunulata
7.Metasepia pfefferi 8.Octopus macropus 9.Perna viridus
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